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Yuri no Nami University
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Welcome to Yuri no Nami University. This prestigious school was founded in the late 1800s and was closed for a brief stint before being opened again recently. It is open to both male and female college students of all sorts of descent. Also Juniors and Seniors in High school are welcome to take classes here as well.

It is and AU College RP, welcome to anybody from the music industry. The college is set in Tokyo, Japan. In a castle, located near the middle of the city.
1. No Godmodding. If you don't know if its okay, ask or don't do it.

2. Keep IC and OOC separate. If you have any problems, please let the mods knows and we will deal with it accordingly.

3. Be at least semi-literate. Chat speak is reserved for OOC or not at all. We do reserve the right to kick you out if we find you to be under the standards.

4. Schedules will be more or less free reign, but keep them reasonable.

5. Anything affecting the comm, vacations, school sponsored parties and such will be announced by either one of the directors.

6. This is a free reign NC-17 rp. Anything goes, but respect that people might view this from work and any NC-17 MUST go under a cut.

7. You must make a separate LJ screen name and have either an AIM, MSN or both.

8. Please be reasonable about what you post. I do reserve the right to kick you out if I see fit.

9. My word and the word of my co-mods are LAW, we are god. What we say goes undisputed. We don't bite, I swear, my muses might though.

10. Please post 'to color the world' as your title.

11. All muses MUST friend dr_director , madam_director and madam_counclor

12. All muses must post every two weeks in both their journals. The comm is optional but also recommended.

13. DO NOT force another muse into a situation they don't want.

The rules are subject to change and posts will be made about them.
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